RTHK Radio 3 Common Room hosted by Alsyon Hau

2023-04-11 (星期二)
負責導師:Teachers in charge: Ms. Linares Nelly, Mr. Choi Ming Hei

It's fortunate that our school received an invitation to record an episode for RTHK Radio 3's program, "Common Room." The show, hosted by DJ Alyson Hau, delves into the latest backstage celebrity interviews, trending topics, and engaging discussions with students in the "Open Space" segment. Additionally, the program provides a platform for the voices of Hong Kong's youth to be heard in the "Social Takeover" segment. During our appearance on the show, our students Adriel, Marcus, Abbie, and Terrance discussed the topic of Hong Kong school lunch with Alyson Hau. The interview is scheduled to be broadcast on May 31st, 2023.


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